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At 35, Rhett realizes he has spent his whole life trying to avoid admitting the truth: his true passion is to become a florist. Instead of realizing his dream when he was younger, Rhett followed the path his parents first laid out for him. He went to school to get his MBA and took over the family's custom upholstery business. However, Rhett never truly felt happy with his career. He did spend all his spare time gardening in his backyard though and even joined the local garden club. He was good at it, too. People raved about his roses and the floral arrangements he created. As he drove to work each day, he dreamed of a different life—one in which he owned his own floral shop.

It's unfortunate when people ignore their true interests and spends their lives doing something they don't want to do. Yet many people do just that. Some feel they have no choice or are afraid to pursue their passions. Some feel stuck in a job they don't love because it pays the bills or they need health insurance. Others don't spend the time to figure out what it is they really want to do. Nobody wants to end up like Rhett though, dreaming of a different life every day. Taking the time to explore what kind of life you want to have, what values you want to live by, what interests and skills you want to pursue, and what makes you, you, is a vital step in avoiding a life like Rhett's. So let's consider internal factors that affect your happiness in your career.

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